The "Singapore-style" greening of the BC "Zemelny" front is now complete


A deciduous tree liana was planted on the façades of the new BC Zemelny in the Presnensky District on July 8th. This is how a tower with vertical greenery on the façade being a new landmark building not only in the capital but also around the world has received its final look. The event was attended by Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov. It is the world's first business center with a vertical garden at the 55th parallel of northern latitude, according to the project's author, UNK Group CEO Yuliy Borisov. "We were inspired by Singapore's experience," says Yuliy Borisov. "Even though vertical gardening is common practice there, each building looks unique; indeed, nature never repeats itself. One way to create a comfortable "natural" environment in a highly urbanized business district of the city is to use vertical landscaping. We were able to increase the area of green spaces on the site several times, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen generated, improving the urban ecology, and creating a new point of attraction for the district with a spectacular building and its interiors reflecting our vision of future architecture when technology and nature are in harmony," adds the author. With our climate in mind, the architects decided not to use tropical plants, as well as hefty trees. Lianas have "settled" in the diagonal "cells" on the façade, allowing the tower's appearance to alter with the seasons. Even so, this isn't the only highlight that the new complex has to offer. The 15-story building is encased in an openwork diagonal lattice metal shell, evoking another iconic Moscow landmark, the Shukhov Tower. "The new building should become not just the district's architectural focal point, but also a new landmark that will be a delight to Muscovites and guests of the capital," believes Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

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