About us

About Us

UNK project - an architectural practice that is part of UNK ecosystem. The bureau specializes in architectural and engineering design of buildings and complexes, design of corporate interiors and public spaces. The combination of different specialists in one team makes it possible to develop integrated solutions and participate in all stages of the project.
Acting as the general designer, the UNK project enlists the services of the best Russian and foreign partners as well other field-related specialists.
In their work, the UNK project's architects use building information modelling technologies (BIM), which can optimize the design processes as well as manage the life cycle of an object, including its economic component.

Yuliy Borisov
Head of UNK
Natalia Yakusheva
General director
Vladimir Rogozhin
Executive director
Marina Zenger
Commercial director
Igor Zigura
Oxana Kudryashova
Project manager
Alexei Monakov
Project director
Alexandr Moshkov
Chief specialist of plumbing systems
Maxim Panov
Chief specialist for general planning
Daniil Sitnikov
Senior architect
Alexandra Smaghina
Ivan Smirnov
Lead architect
Galina Smirnova
HR business specialist
Irina Stepanova
Project manager
Pavel Sysoev
HVAC engineer
Vladimir Tyurin
Chief engineer
Tsogoev Ruslan
Chief constructor