Yu. Borisov delivered a speech at the conference "Low-rise residential apartment complexes: creating a much-in-demand product"


Yuliy Borisov, co-founder and chief architect of UNK project, took part in the conference "Low-rise construction: creating a much-in-demand product - from concept to packaging" that was organized by the training center of Academy of Real Estate (ARE), with the support of NP (Non-profit partnership) "Russian Guild of Managers and Developers" (RGUD) and the Association of Investors of Moscow.

In his presentation, the speaker confirmed an idea that in the context of tough competition and decline in demand architectural features of the project play a very important role. "If the economic situation does not improve, the "New Moscow" will face a building "boom" which will involve two case scenarios: the price of one square meter will either sharply rise, or many projects will be made on low-quality level, Yuliy Borisov believes. "To avoid such scenario, we invented a "construction set" whose main elements are planning, facade and urban solutions. After calculations we came to a conclusion that we will get 243 variants if we make 5 types in each element. This design system allows to optimize costs up to 50% and design deadlines to 60%. The developer receives a ready-made package, adapts foundations and starts with the implementation of the project. Moreover, the "Construction set" makes it possible to analyse preferences of the target audience at the initial stage and identify construction costs.

Representatives of major Russian companies operating in the market of suburban residential property also delivered their reports at the conference, among them "MIEL-Novostroyki", SDI Group, Blackwood and KASKAD Family.