Circle of success


UNK project is among the finalists of the first round of the competition for the residential neighborhoods in the area of "Technopark" innovation city Skolkovo.
The competition results were announced on December 16, 2011 in the hall of the Central House of Artist. The contest invited the leaders of Russian architecture, as well as lesser-known architects. Among the hundreds of projects submitted to the competition from different Russian cities, as well as several foreign countries, members of the jury had to select only 30.

In order to pass in the second round of the competition, projects must have been to combine the novelty and realism, flexibility, and environmental humanism, economy and environmental friendliness. A therefore, the jury had the difficult task. After 6 hours members of the jury, speaking to the media, did not hide their satisfaction with the outcome of the contest.

Foreign architects - the curators of the district "Technopark" Jean Pistrio (Office Valod & Pistre) and Mohsen Mustafavi (Mohsen Mostafavi) noted the high professional level of the works and their creativity. Many solutions have surprised even them - authors of the idea of residential neighborhoods, inscribed in giant circles (so-called "islands"). Among the finalists are many of the leading Russian architects who, therefore, confirmed that they have gained their status for a reason. Mikhail Khazanov and Mikhail Belov, Sergey and Dmitry Skuratov Bush Nadtochy Anton and Vera Butko, Dmitry Velichkin and Nikolai Golovanov, TOTEMENT / PAPER and UNK project, as well as dozens of other teams.