Eco-friendly tetris


In the innovation center Skolkovo the construction of three residential quarters near D2 "Science and Technology Park" are nearing completion. One of them, the tenth, is realized on the project of the UNK project which won the open competition in 2012.

Three years ago the project of the UNK project became one of ten winners of the open competition on housing of the region of D2 "Science and Technology park" in the innovation center "Skolkovo".
Now buildings are almost already built. The specification received by architects contained two, apparently, mutually exclusive installations: on the one hand, it was necessary to use as much as possible effectively allocated site and to provide quite high density of building, on the other – to use the big areas of glazing and in general to achieve the maximum openness of internal space. Unexpected approach of the organization of space helped to provide the sufficient level of privacy and at the same time to preserve integrity of the inhabited residential district.
Conditionally it is possible to call it "the principle of tetris". The computer game which appeared in the mid-eighties came to prominence at that time and became some kind of symbol of scientific and technical progress in the country. It is curious that today, though very conditionally, it helps to create the environment for rise of new ideas and developments.

In the 10th residential district construction of townhouses in total for 204 persons is provided. In the center of the round according to form site, divided by the street into two unequal parts all infrastructures are located: shop, guard station, public transport stop and the public center with a playground. On the apt words of the chief architect and founder of UNK project Yuliy Borisov, they "managed to use the ground twice". Artificially created difference of the relief allowed accurate dividing public and private functions. On the lower level internal drives are located, on the second – there are the green terraces closed from foreign eyes. Such organization of all residential district is the safest and at the same time allows to provide the high level of interaction in small groups of the neighboring ten houses.