The pool "Luzhniki" will transform into the multipurpose swimming center


It is nearly 60 years old but the pool "Luzhniki" is not badly preserved.  And experts say that it is hopelessly troglodytic inside.   Soon it will undergo a global reconstruction and transformation into the multipurpose swimming center.   The renewed form of the pool is developed by architectural bureau UNK project, the winner of the competition.  

Yuliy Borisov, the chief architect of bureau, author of the project of reconstruction:
- New functions will appear. Besides three pools there will also be a big zone of the children's center, the training center. Sports complex, boxing school are supposed to be in it as well. The volume of the building will grow three times. There will be a very large underground part of the building, and it will grow up.
Alexander Pronin, director general of JSC Luzhniki:
- Wear of some constructions reached 60-70%. And now it is impossible to operate or simply repair them. The deep reconstruction is required.
"Greetings to participants of competitions" - the banner of the modest size says. The translation into English isn't required -any large international tournaments weren’t carried out here from the middle of the eightieth. Now such purposes are not set as well as it requires additional resources. But for athletes the pool will be a good base.
Yuliy Borisov, chief architect of bureau, author of the project of reconstruction:
- One pool basin will remain 50 meters and two 25-meter. There will also be the children's pool, the entertainment complex. The water area will be more by two and half times.
“It is going to be not a revolution but an evolution”, the author of the project says. An absolutely new from the inside pool will remain recognizable from the outside. Both a colonnade and a bas-relief will be preserved.