Construction of business center "Zhaikmunay" is over


In the city of Uralsk in Kazakhstan work was completed to construct the business centre "Zhaikmunay". It melts into the sky and "holds on an equal footing a dialogue" with the historic building of the city.

Not too favourable economic situation forced all market players to pay attention to iconic and high-profile buildings and to projects that may seem ordinary according to their parameters – and precisely such projects form the basis of urban fabric. The question "How could we make it inexpensively, simply, functionally and attractively and ensure a high quality" may sound utopically at first sight but it is obvious that we will receive real and even different answers to it. The UNK project offered their own solution for office buildings in small remote towns by constructing the business centre "Zhaikmunay" in Uralsk.

While design concept for the facades of the business center was being developed, special attention was paid to the existing historical appearance and aesthetics of surrounding buildings. The analysis revealed historical use of brick facade on expensive and significant buildings of the city. The house of merchant Karev constructed in the late 19th - early 20th century is situated in the immediate visual vicinity of the business centre. He was the one who prescribed the use of bricks as the main facade element.
The building to be erected is one of the largest buildings in the quarter. To fit this building into the existing site development, solutions were prepared to visually reduce the volume of the building to be designed. The main building volume was divided into several smaller volumes, light fins of suspended facade broke an extended volume in pieces by which means massive planes became lighter.