Yuliy Borisov began to teach in Moscow Institute of Architecture


The CEO of UNK project Yuliy Borisov became the teacher of the Moscow Institute of Architecture. In September of this year Yuliy Borisov, the CEO and the cofounder of one of the leading architectural bureaus of the country, UNK project, started teaching activity in MIA which is the largest architectural HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of Russia. Yuliy Borisov received similar invitations from other educational institutions not once, for example, from the MARCH architectural school and also from Institute of media, architecture and design ¬ęStrelka". However the architect stopped on the offer of the alma mater as within the walls of MIA students can get classical, basic education. And if Yuliy studied on professional chair "Residential and public buildings", he chose professional chair "Reconstruction and Restorations in Architecture" for work. The architect explains the preference so that nowadays resulting from dense urbanistic building the reconstructive approach assuming "understanding of uniform fabric of the city", allowing "to change something already existing, to work with a set of cultural, engineering and architectural stratifications" is the most interesting and actual. In Yuliy Borisov's group there are about 20 third-year students who have already gained basic knowledge and ideas of profession and working tooling. Now they will have to comprehend the main discipline, "Project", the studying of which will take from two to four years, according to the program, depending on the qualification chosen by them.