About Luzhniki swimming pool


In October the works on preparation of a platform for construction of the building of the Multipurpose swimming center in "Luzhniki" which will unite opportunities for sports trainings and water rest began.
Yuliy Borisov, the author of the concept of reconstruction of the pool "Luzhniki":

"I want to remind you once again the reason why such difficult but inevitable decision on dismantling of the building was made. At the second stage of competition on the draft of the concept of reconstruction of the pool "Luzhniki" participants were acquainted with unfavourable results of examination of the pool which was conducted by experts of the Central research institute of construction designs of V. A. Kucherenko. In the report of scientific research institute the most part of designs was recognized as non operable. Moreover the inspection of the facade showed that walls have a number of the damages connected with defrosting of brick because of what they are in an inadmissible state. Our project provides saving of the town-planning concept of the architect A. V. Vlasov which consists of subordination of the flanking pool elements to architectural forms of "Big sports arena" (BSA is located on continuation of an axis of ensemble of University, and the Small sports arena and the Pool is symmetric to this axis). The new building of the pool is formed of two volumes: the lower part with the restored elements and colonnades and top with an ornamental geometrical pattern from the interfaced circles of two diameters. This decision is characteristic for the middle of the 50s and was applied by architects of the pool on other objects, for example at the metro station "Elektrozavodskaya" designed by I.E.Rozhin, the coauthor of the pool of Luzhniki.
The friso "quotes" kept bas-relief in an enlarged view. We did everything possible for these recreated details in a form, color and the invoice were identical to originals.