Yuliy Borisov: "We will have to fully rebuild cities in a short term"


Yuliy Borisov, the author of the Water Sports Palace and the Khoroshevo Mnevniki District  reconstruction, head of UNK project,  told the Moscow Prospect what to do with five-storey buildings and what it will be time to rebuild Russian cities.

- What changes occurred in your Practice during the conventional five-year period?
- Our entire business concept relies on our gradual self-improvement and mastering some new expertises, gaining new knowledge. Established as an office dealing with interiors, we have become rather large general designers in the last 20 years. We carry out the full-cycle designing in our office now: from concept and architecture to engineering sections and detailed design. Of course, we are good at making interiors.
So we can guarantee that any building or space will be created according to the initial design. Several facilities we did from beginning to end have reached the final construction stage. It is the Academician Business Center and the Water Sports Palace in Luzhniki, to mention the major ones. Unfortunately, we were forced to do so because design offices have a narrow specialization worldwide. It is the first thing.
Secondly, of course, our facilities have been upgraded. We began dealing with landmark, high-profile facilities:  not only in Moscow but in regions, too.

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