Yuliy Borisov: the pool "Luzhniki" is the reconstruction of a creative method of authors


In the work of famous Moscow bureau UNK project there are projects of residential and public buildings, interiors and private houses. But, perhaps, the most resonant for today is the project of reconstruction of the pool of Luzhniki with which UNK project won the international competition. The head of the bureau Yuliy Borisov told our portal about ideology of this reconstruction and also about the impressions of participation in architectural competitions.

— In competition on the project of the pool of sport center "Luzhniki" UNK project were the only team who didn't make modern emphasis from the building in the developed ensemble of the 1950th. Why?
— We had a task, the reconstruction of the pool of Luzhniki. In this case we reconstructed not designs but a certain author's plan in a greater degree. Initially according to composition the complex consisting of three buildings (the Big sports arena, the Small sports arena and the pool) was planned here. At that moment BSA was without roof canapé, the small one was also uncovered, as well as the pool. In this composition I see paraphrases from the Colosseum and two Parthenon on each side. Actually the design of the whole complex took only 90 days then.
Before the Olympic Games of 1980 the Small arena was closed, extended, the composition was broken; the pool remained small. And now we straightened it to the same parameters. But I will emphasize that we are making not a new construction but reconstruction and authors of the building remained the same. I consider it to be the only right decision to develop a complex both from the point of view of the town-planning methods put in it and architectural concepts. In the project we are following the logic of the author of the pool, the architect A. V. Vlasov, and we recreate the symmetry of the initial plan.

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