Vladimir Putin visited the Palace of water sports in Luzhniki


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin visited the Palace of water sports in Luzhniki in the City Day. So far, it is currently operating in trial mode, and will be fully operational for visitors when the starting-up and launching work is complete at the end of 2019.

The new pool in Luzhniki will accommodate 40 times more people than the former one. The building has five floors and one underground, the total area is 56,500 square meters, which is 2.6 times the building area of the old swimming pool. For its architecture, the object resembles the former swimming pool and blends well with the rest of the Luzhniki objects.
The Luzhniki swimming pool (formerly known as the swimming pool of the Central stadium named after Lenin) was built in 1956 by the architect A.V. Vlasov. It was part of the Olympic complex. Competitions in swimming, water polo and diving took place over there. Over time, the pool didn't meet the requirements of international sports federations. After substantive examination, it was decided to modernize the old building and create a modern multifunctional swimming complex that would meet the necessary international requirements.  Renovation commenced in 2016 under the UNK project.
During his visit to Luzhniki, the Mayor of Moscow told the President of Russia that the International SAMBO Center and the Boxing Center were being built on the territory of the sports complex. The seven-storey building, also developed by UNK project, is to be built by 2022. Both centers will be located under the same roof, but will operate separately.