An excursion for architects was held in dwellings quarters of "Skolkovo"


On October, 13 in the dwellings quarters of innovative center "Skolkovo" an excursion for architects was held within the framework of the program "Get to know yourself!” Organizers of the event are the Union of the Moscow architects, project "Freedom of Access" and international holding RD Group. The participants of excursion visited all three quarters under construction, each of which is designed by a separate bureau. Architects told about conception and design decisions of each of quarters: the main architect of bureau “BRT RUS" Christophe Vowp (the 9th quarter), main architect of bureau UNK project Yuliy Borisov (the10th quarter), architect and partner Agence d'Architecture A. Bechu Pablo Lorentsino (the 11th quarter). Yuliy Borisov, the co-founder and main architect of bureau UNK project: "In the project we aimed to put emphasis on active application of the newest ecological technologies. Artificial dividing of the relief into private and public zones allowed to use the piece of land twice and to decrease the carbon dioxide emission. A top level forms the greened roof that considerably increases the area of planted land. The materials chosen for building are ecologically safe and undergo recycling: metal, stone, eco-friendly panels made of laminated paper plastic. Buildings are maximally energy-efficient: motion sensors and light management are used; saving water bathroom and lavatory equipment has been fixed; rain-water catchment is provided; glaring has preventing heat leakage protective sputtering. Besides, possibility of setting cell batteries in every house is provided.”