UNK project is the winner of the "Atomic Energy Pavilion" contest


UNK project became the winner of the International Open Contest for development of the Atomic Energy Pavilion architecture at the VDNH "with significant advantage of the total score". According to the assessment sheets, Russian and foreign jury members actually concurred when determining the winner. The project fits in the architectural landscape of the main VDNH alley; it has modern architecture and brings significant engineering and exhibition potential.

When creating an image of the UNK project building architecture, they tried to avoid the literal associations with an atom and atomic energy. The pavilion space should be innovative and it means that in some specified sense it should strive for destroying the stereotypes and being open for everything new. First of all, it is the comfortable and adjusting environment for VDNH visitors. A visitor who gets to this space will understand a new code of the nuclear power - Openness. Availability. Informativity. Interactivity.
"The most difficult in this task was to express visually the things that are inexpressible. To show the things that can't be seen. This is the motion of an atom, motion of particles that can't be seen, - Yuliy Borisov, Managing Partner of the UNK project comments. - We offered a variant that is daring enough from the point of view of implementation - complicated form with the big console. It expresses dramatic opposition of emptiness and sense of completion.

The console that shows the universal exhibition space of the temporary exposition can be interpreted as a wave, the gentle motion path of an electron in the atom, the abstract dynamic form that symbolizes energy. With its bend, it supports plastic figure of the Space pavilion cupola and figuratively interacts with it.