Three Significant Events


In the first November day in new office of architectural bureau UNK project on Luzhnetskaya Embankment there took place the action devoted at once to three significant events in life of the company. This included the fifteen-year anniversary, moving and presentation of the Russia's first electronic book on architecture. More than 350 people came to congratulate authors of the sensational book. That were friends and colleagues according to MAO: Uborevich-Borovsky, Bikov , Polyantsev ,  Smirnova,  Vyazminov,  Lyevyant , Posokhin , Asadov ,  Andreev  and many others.

Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief architect of Moscow, addressed the audience with welcome speech.
Yuliy Borisov ,one of founders of UNK project bureau, presented the novelty among architectural editions: “… for the first time, not on paper, and in electronic format the book on architecture in Russia. This unique edition is the first in a series of interactive appendices of our bureau. Why the electronic? - you ask, - it’s just more eco-friendly, that’s all”.

The presentation of the book “00-12 architecture and design” was met with a great interest. Besides, guests could study the presented edition personally. Authors of the appendix put three Ipad on a platform and every volunteer   could look through the electronic book which, besides, was output to the big screen.
The edition received an appreciation of the gathered.

Mikhail Gubakin (Mmsalon's company): “I acquired two important points: UNK project is the mobile, creative, advanced, correct team of fellow thinkers. Partners have been together  for more than 15 years... As one of MAO'S dear members standing in the middle of dance (office) floor said  - “I Envy!””.

Action took place with support of the Moscow Architectural Society. The strategic partner was the Contract Interiors company, general partner was the KMT construction holding. Partners of arrangement : FSB, Artpole, ebonyandco, Smart, Martini, Milliken, Philips, Globus Gourmet epicure, pizzeria of Bocconcino, Grand Cru collection of wines.