UNK project presents a book "Architecture. Interiors"


On 28 September Cabinet Lounge held the presentation of the UNK project's book "Architecture. Interiors", co-written together with Tatlin Publishers.

The book presents those projects and buildings deemed by the architects as pivotal for creative evolution from 2011 to 2016. How to make the out-of-door life more pleasant? UNK project design bureau knows everything about it. Its employees do not consider themselves to be fashionable architects, but they consider themselves to be reasonable and rational, using a pro-western approach to design interiors in terms of their functionality, psychology, timelessness. Of course, this does not mean that architects ignore contemporary trends in architecture and design. However, they pursue a different goal: to make a particular interior in a specific location perform the functions for which a person comes to this exact place. Globalization? Yes! Collaborating with the British Bureau of Scott Brownrigg, the Russian architectural bureau UNK project understands this term as more of convergence and marriage of various cultures. To put it simply, they are adapting western architectural trends to the Russian realities. As a result, there appear some comprehensive solutions for any customer with an idea to build a business center, an office, a home or a shop. The book describes how fashion affects architectural styles in design, what components make up a project, and how functionality is eventually born where the smallest details are important, and eventually the client gets a fundamentally different quality of life or work.

It is noteworthy that the book can be purchased in electronic form. There is a special application for iPads, which can be downloaded free of charge in the next 2 weeks via a request in the Appstore: UNKbook, UNK project, Architecture, Interiors.