The first "green" townhouse is built in Skolkovo


The first Skolkovo townhouse on the project of UNK project is ready.
In an early autumn of 2015 in the innovative center "Skolkovo" the phase 1 of residential quarters No. 9, 10, 11 of D2 region "Technology park" which assumes construction of 50 thousand sq. m of residential real estate will be handed over. It will be the first housing constructed in the innovation center.

Under the terms of the international architectural competition on design of the housing, having passed in 2012, architects faced the task to design cottages in the residential zone formed quarters-circles. The competitive task set the high density of building. According to it architects placed 104 cottages in a total circle area of 16 500 sq. m. Despite such "dense landing" of the houses alternating green avenues, authors managed to differentiate private and public zones by means of the artificial relief created in two levels. In so-called " lower level" non-residential premises – shops, guard station, restaurants are built in. "Top level" – a private zone – is formed by the planted trees and shrubs operated roofs, and also inclusions of house adjoining space – terraces or gardens. On this account the total area of green plantings and, therefore – an ecological component of the project considerably increases.

The constructed townhouse meets all standards of "green" construction and provides: recycling of waters, automatic control of signals through control office, management of illumination of the general zones and street lighting.