Atomic Energy Pavilion at VDNKh is built Top Down


The pavilion dedicated to the Russian nuclear industry is planned to be constructed on VDNKh territory in Moscow in 2020.
While constructing it was decided to use top-down technology when the building is constructed from top down to bottom. It allows workers to act under the condition of tight site, when it is impossible to make pit slope, and it also gives an opportunity to significantly reduce period of work execution. The project is implemented in compliance with the winning and agreed concept by UNK project.

The building of the Atomic Energy Pavilion consists of four stories above ground and three underground floors 18 meters deep and a console with 60 meters outreach which covers a universal exhibition space restricted by glass facade at the entire height of the building.
In parallel with the construction, a contest is held among the leading companies for the production of 12-meter glass. The total area of the building will be 24.9 thousand square meters. The main goal of the pavilion is to popularize and highlight the history of the Russian nuclear industry, its achievements and further development.