At the presentation of the residential complex "Park Aprel" there were told about the global changes on the residential property market of Moscow region


In the course of the presentation of the residential complex "Park Aprel" designed by "UNK project", Yuliy Borisov told the guests about the architectural concept of the complex and the design of the apartments in a new format.

The speaker underlined that experts in the area of organization of the urban environment unanimously express the opinion that diversity and multi-choice are the main indicator of quality. The architects of "UNK project" offered to the developer "KASKAD Family" a look at the classical architecture from a different angle. The stylised entrance group of the project (pitched roof archetype) is considered to be the symbol of the house, the symbol of the idea of the complex in general: it's quite a habitual residence, but performed with the use of modern forms and materials. In the drawings of the apartments, the authors of the project tried to provide the maximum possible number of offers taking into consideration people's lifestyle (traditional planning for large families, individualists and conservators, European standard for young families or lonely urbanites). Besides, an even more advanced format was proposed (though, quite traditional for Europe) where the living room is combined with the kitchen and the dining room, and the bedroom is considered to be the premises devoted for the sleep only. From the point of view of architects, such modelling of the space allows to create more comfortable conditions for the adequate life of the family.