Work on the bas-reliefs for the swimming centre "Luzhniki" is in progress


Replicas of twelve bas-reliefs will decorate the "Luzhniki" swimming pool after it is reconstructed according to the UNK project's competitive design. The bas-reliefs for the new multifunctional Luzhniki swimming facility are made using a special technology based on architecture concepts, which were in use in the USSR in the 20th century.
"The solution to recreate the quoted element of the facade corresponds to the task of preserving the recognizable appearance of the swimming pool. Thus, we have a kind of design code, that echoes back to history," noted Yuliy Borisov, the managing partner of the UNK project office.

In total, there will be 12 bas-reliefs, which will be placed on the sides and on the central facade. According to the technology, the first step is to manually make the replica out of clay in 1:2 size, then, if the model is approved, a 3D survey will be done and a mold for bas-relief will be cast. They mean to last more than 40 years.

The new pool will retain the main features of the old building and stylistic unity with the other "Luzhniki" sports facilities. The other planned works include the recreation of the colonnade; it is also planned that the historical high reliefs taken from the old building will be placed on the wall of the main entrance to the pool zone. They are currently being stored in "Luzhniki" and will be handed over for restoration shorlty.

When the pool is completely reconstructed, it will feature one professional 50-meter pool with 10 tracks and two 25-meter pools with three tracks in each, a water park, sports training halls, a fitness centre, a boxing club, a children's sports centre. The area of the pool will increase from 19.7 to 56.5 thousand square meters.