Consortium UNK project together with CEBRA (Denmark) will develop "Smart school" in Irkutsk


Today the winner of the international competition on development of the architectural concept of the educational park "Smart School" in Irkutsk was unveiled. The consortium of the Russian bureau UNK project with the Danish company CEBRA became it.
The customer of competition was the company JSC “Smart School” and the consultant was  Strelka.

In the focus of the architectural concept there is a flexible combination of personal initiative of pupils, their inquisitiveness, study and games with the events organized by school, feeling of safety and regard. The form of a circle expresses idea of the uniting community, and its center becomes a nodal point and receives the special status and accent. The conceptual decision of "Smart school" in Irkutsk is the rich educational environment with smooth transition between internal and external spaces. School life will proceed not only in specially allocated rooms, but also in open zones inside and round the buildings.
The competition on development of the architectural concept of the educational park "Smart School" was organized for the purpose of involvement of the best architects of the world to the solution of a problem of creation of the educational environment answering the modern purpose of education and the concept of "Smart school". Besides, purposeful work with orphan children demanded development of the certain settlement of foster homes. The tendency towards individualization and variability of education had to be embodied in the architecture providing pupils and teachers with the maximum choice of both spatial communications and functional loading.

Expert jury admitted the architectural concept of the winner as the best in the course of a technical evaluation of proposals of participants on the following indicators: the scheme of the planning organization, transport decisions, balance of the territory, a total structural volume, balance of the objects, useful area  zonally.