Business center “Akademic” received the certificate on the approval of the architectural and town-planning decision


Council of architecture approved the project of construction of the multipurpose business center "Akademic" in the southwest of Moscow. The main fourteen-floor part of a complex has a form of lens, and drawing of fins on it represents a portrait of the scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. As envisioned by authors of the project, the portrait of the scientist will arise on the facade at the expense of various design sections of fins. The business center of 47, 25 thousand sq. m will be located near Vernadsky Avenue metro station. The building will be built according to the LEED standards. According to the cofounder and the chief architect of projects of UNK project bureau Yuliy Borisov, next to the main entrance it is planned to place an art object - big red glasses of professor. "Vernadsky Avenue unlike other districts of Moscow kept identity of academic district - green, straighten, therefore when we developed the project, we wanted to support this direction and to enter quite big scales of the construction in character of the area very tactfully. Thereby we made up a lenticualr form which levels down its thickness. The solution of facades refers to the best samples of modernism, thus it was important to us to make "fad" which became red big glasses of professor", - Yuliy Borisov commented.