"Academic" business center is the Proestate &Toby Awards winner


“Academic” business center, designed by UNK project, has become the laureate of professional Proestate &Toby Awards 2019. The project was acknowledged as an "A" Class Business Center. The result of the Award was summarized on September, 19th.
The 14-story building of the business center,  raised on a podium, is designed as a fine convex lens, and the contours of Vladimir Vernadsky's portrait can be traced in the design of the facade's fins which are facing the avenue.  Architects believe that the most important feature of its architectural design lies in its ability to serve both as being a  dominantly visible building and “dissolves” in space at the same time without imposing itself in the avenue. A landmark element located at the pedestrian's perception level is a large art object called “Academician's glasses”  being above the street.
“The peculiar shaped building in the form of a lens allowed us to deal with several issues at once. A standard parallelepiped would look very heavy, suppressing the environment in this altitude and length. This shape allowed us to achieve the lightness of the complex and expose the view to the next administrative building to the maximum possible extent not breaking its insolation. The semicircular facing inside the block also created a dialogue with it. The found solution also led to creating almost ideal conditions for the offices located at the "ends" of the building: they are maximally illuminated and favorably differ from other premises," Yuliy Borisov, UNK project Manager, says.

PROESTATE & TOBY Awards is held by the Organizing Committee of the International Real Estate Investment Forum PROESTATE and the American Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA International) with the support of the non-profit partnership Russian Guild of Managers and Developers and Moscow Investors Association.