Business Center “Akademic” will be completed in the second quarter of 2019


Business Center “Akademic” with a portrait of Vladimir Vernadsky, a scientist, depicted on the facade, will be built in the second quarter of 2019. To date, the concrete works have been completed.
The business center with an area of about 47 thousand square meters with underground parking for 520 cars is located at Vernadsky Avenue, 41. UNK project is the author of the concept and the general designer of the object.

The main fourteen-stored part of the complex has a lens shape which levels down its thickness. The architecture of the object places a special focus on the techniques typical for its urban environment — monumentality and functionalism integrating modern architectural techniques with links to the history of the very district.  The portrait of the great scientist arises on the facade due to diverse design sections of aluminum fins. Decorative element fixed on the facade system being part of it is the main technological feature. The building is constructed in compliance with LEED standards.