On the object of the Shopping Center Atlas about 90% of finishing of facades have been mounted


On facades of Shopping Center Atlas located at the address: the settlement of VNIIISOK, the Odintsovo area, 8 500 sq. m of the ventilated facade made of aluminum cassettes   of the continuous and punched type (that make about 90% of planned volume) have been mounted.
Alongside the works on internal finishing of public zones – rough-edged plaster of walls and floor cement screed on the 1 and 2 floors are fully completed, work on installation of ceiling floors with installation of MEP layout is conducted.
The shopping center in Odintsovo is the second in a distribution network “Atlas" developed by architects of UNK project. Unlike a spacious platform in Zhukovsky, the site is closely clamped in Odintsovo between the existing houses of the large residential district and noisy Mozhayskoye Highway.
Visually Shopping Center Atlas represents a strict rectangle which architectural concept reflects the main visual and planning ideas, forming the image of the brand. Way jutting out structural addition with the staging of the scape holding roofing focuses attention on entrance groups. In finishing the same materials and trademark colors as in Zhukovsky are used. The relationship between two projects is also emphasized with visual partitioning of a facade on some separate volumes with competently solved concept of placement of advertizing banners and information boards.

Total area of the building: 20 985 sq. m
The covered parking as a part of the first floor: 2 905 sq. m