The absolute winners


The results of the competition for the development of housing projects in the " Technopark " of Skolkovo innovation city were summed up. UNK project was one of 10 winners.
In the second phase of the contest bureau designed the round section, consisting of 104 houses with a total area of 16,500 sq.m and social infrastructure - Spa , mini -market, a guard station, a restaurant - an area of 2000 sq ft.

Bureau has paid special attention to the environmental compatibility of the project. There are quite a lot of avenues and green spaces in a residential area.

Public and private zones are delimitated on levels by artificial relief variation. Thus, the structure of the residential complex is a series of lines of houses and internal landscaped avenues.
On the lower level there is a built- in relief non-residential premises, looped passages for electric carts, bicycle paths, internal avenues with planting, hard landscaping and playgrounds.

At the top level there is a greened roof and private areas around the building and terraces and gardens.
Houses on the project consists of two main parts: the stylobate (the ground floor), and the amount of overhang (1- 2 floors).
On the ground floor which is made of reinforced concrete there is an office, parking and utility room.  All utilities (electricity, water, sewer, garbage disposal vacuum) are also situated there.
The main living quarters are on the first and second floors.
In the decoration of the facade authors suggest using four types of materials: wood, stone, plaster and facade panels on the basis of natural and recycled wood.

Let’s recall that "Technopark" was the first area in the innovation city to creation of which it was decided to engage the architects on a competitive basis. Participants were required to offer a vision of building a residential site corresponding the ideology of the urban environment "Skolkovo " which means comfort , environmental friendliness , energy efficiency and a well-developed social infrastructure.  The jury received 500 applications from companies in Russia , the CIS and other foreign countries . The jury members who included representatives of the Fund " Skolkovo " , planning council of the fund, as well as the Union of Architects of Russia  were to select only 30 among the hundreds of projects announced. Thus the first qualifying round of the competition program was completed. The next task was to develop competitive detailed architectural concept of one of the residential areas. Depending on the area ,  development is a multifamily house up to 5 floors , townhouses or cottages.

The final jury meeting was held on 13 March 2012 at the gallery in the center of the design Photohub_Manometr " Artplay on Jauze ." Jurors (dean of Harvard Design School Mohsen Mostafavi , president of the Union of Architects of Russia Andrei Bokov , architecture critic Grigory Revzin , director of the district "Technopark" Gary Wentworth and the chief architect of the "Skolkovo" Anna Turgenev)  unanimously noted the high level of works of the finalists.