Yuliy Borisov made a speech at conference "The High World. Moscow City. Development prospects"


Yuliy Borisov, the chief architect, the cofounder of UNK project, took part in conference "The High World. Moscow City. Development prospects" organized by agency of marketing communications "Creative Class" with support of scientific research and design institute, the General plan of Moscow, Committee on architecture and town planning of Moscow, NP "Russian Guild of Managing Directors and Developers", the Center of town-planning competences of a RANEPA at the Russian President and the Union of the Moscow architects. Within performance the expert submitted the project of the 2nd turn of the business complex “Empire” as a part of  "Moscow City".
Participants of conference discussed the actual problems connected with implementation of the project of the business complex Moscow City and also modern methods of planning and development of city areas with building of the raised number of floors.  Experts agreed in opinion that in the course of MIBC’s project embodiment the initial idea underwent considerable changes.  During long process of realization owners of sites as well as their projects changed:  there were new towers, public spaces were retrieved.

According to Yuliy Borisov, "Moscow City" is a place which has to attract people with a high intelligence who definitely won't want to work in the uncomfortable environment even for very high fees. The new town-planning policy dictates new priorities in development of public infrastructure – first of all, it is openness and friendliness to inhabitants". For this reason in the project of the 2nd turn of the business complex Empire the special attention is paid to improvement of public zones and the organization of internal space.