Yuliy Borisov was among the judges in the tender for the architectural and city planning solution of a new neighborhood in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk


Yuliy Borisov, Head of UNK project (design office), was among the judges in the municipal tender for the architectural and city planning solution of a new neighborhood in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk.
The tender was held by the Yuzhno Sakhalinsk Administration and announced on November 2, 2018.
The plan is to build a modern neighborhood, with residential buildings, a school, a kindergarten and the associated infrastructure,  on the 26 ha land plot in the south eastern part of Yuzhno Sakhalinsk (along Mira Prospect).

Yuly Borisov: "I would like to note the participants' high-level work. Of course, the ability to attract the attention of a global architectural company,  Zaha Hadid Architects, was an important advantage of the regional tender. Developing the urban environment necessitates a new vision, plus efficient approaches, and it is very good that regions begin adapting advanced practices."  
"The tender was well received. Selecting the most suitable architectural and city planning solution for Yuzhno Sakhalins,  which will form a basis for subsequent designing of the neighborhood,  is our objective now", noted Mayor Serger Nadsadin.
Three participants are expected to win the tender based on the presentations: Oferta Dialog LLC (Vladivostok), Zaha Hadid Architects (United Kingdom), Atrium Partner Project Workshop LLC (Khabarovsk).
When implementing such large-scale projects, it is critical for the municipality  to listen to the expert's and the general public's opinion,  according to the Architecture and Urban Construction Department. The projects were resolved to be discussed at the Regional City Construction Board in order to determine the winner. The plan is to hold it in the near future (in February).

10 companies announced they will participate; 8 of them submitted their bids to the Tender Commission when due. Including: Zaha Hadid Architects Consortium (United Kingdom) and Kapitel Architectural Office (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk), Urban Construction Solutions (Moscow), Urbanika ITP LLC (St. Petersburg), Oferta Dialogue LLC (Vladivostok), MOSPROEKT-2 LLC (MOscow), Atrium Partner Design Workshop LLC (Khabarovsk), Inzhproekt Initiative LLC (Moscow).