UNK project will help Tretyakov gallery to become better


Moscow City Architecture Committee invited  UNK project to participate in the closed competition on development of the concept of faces of State Tretyakov gallery new buildings. The new complex will be constructed on crossing of Kadashevskaya Embankment and Lavrushinsky Lane. Six more Moscow architectural workshops will become the  competitors for  UNK. The customer of this creative competition was Zarubezhproyekt company which had become the winner of the tender  for updating of the former project. The term of carrying out of the competition is 2,5 months.
According to Irina Lebedeva, the director general of the Tretyakov gallery, the former project  is morally out of date   and needs creative processing. Not without reason representatives of jury wait for fresh ideas in any interpretation from professional architects: from direct “quotes” of a historical front face, stylizations of a certain epoch, and also modern reading of a historical material.
“The repository, new workshops, a hall of graphics and other showrooms, and also the rooms necessary for cultural and educational activity of a museum will be placed in buildings of Tretyakov gallery. All these moments have to be reflected in architectural concepts”, - emphasized Lebedeva. The expected budget of a new complex of Tretyakov gallery (money will be allocated from state treasury) - 4,7 billion rubles. Construction has to be finished in 2018.

As Yuliy Borisov the chief architect of UNK project noticed, competition declared by the main architectural department of the capital is an optimum option for the solution of such a  difficult task. The most important thing is that all participants of process are ready to experiment. “We were given the next chance to approve ourselves, and it is absolutely our subject, we love difficult tasks when it is necessary to think hard , make not banal decision in short term”, - considers Borisov. According to the head of UNK project, the serious competition only raises the  level and helps real professionals to fulfill themselves. “In dialogue with organizers of competition I specified how exactly they want to see Tretyakov gallery. They answered. And I wrote down this answer. It sounds like this: democratic character, continuity, humanity. We will set such creative task to ourselves for the period of competition”, - emphasized Borisov.
The result of the work of UNK project which is one of the most substantive Russian bureaus will be the special sight at history of Tretyakov gallery, the sign object which has passed a long way from a private museum to one of the most recognizable symbols of new Russia.