The swimming center "Luzhniki" has undergone Moscow state expert review


The project of the swimming center "Luzhniki", developed by architectural bureau UNK project, received the favourable conclusion of "Moscow government expert review". At this point UNK project is starting preparation of working documentation of the project.

The swimming center "Luzhniki" is the building of 40,150 m high with a total area of 56 500 sq. m.
The complex is formed by means of two volumes: the lower part with authentic elements and colonnades, and the top part with the strict ornamented structure, the quote on the kept bas-relief in the form of its increased copy on the main facade, and bas-reliefs, identical on stylistics, on side and northwest facades. The twoness of volume forms the uniform sustained image of the building with a characteristic historical context. New volumes of the building are completed by an ornamental geometrical pattern made of the interfaced circles of two diameters executed in  natural stone or architectural concrete, and also by use of bas-reliefs in combination with the planes of walls.
The project provides for the 50-meter pool and two 25-meter bathtubs designed for both professional and amateur trainings, and also there will be a swimming pool for people with limited mobility and the basin intended for training in swimming of even the smallest visitors. Besides, the possibility of family recreation will be accentuated. For this purpose it is planned to open water entertainment center, fitness club, shops of sports goods and cafe. The academy of boxing and the center of a thriathlon will start work over again.