The second turn of MTK “Metropolis” on Leningradskoye Highway will be constructed


Architectural bureau UNK project executed development of front decisions and updating of planning solutions of the second turn of moixed-use building “Metropolis”. The new construction site with a total area of 65,8 thousand sq.m will be located at Leningradskoye Highway, in close proximity to operating shopping center. In the project construction a new pedestrian route which will pass over the automobile route adjacent to object is provided.

Mixed-use center “Metropolis-2” square suitable for rent  is 51 thousand sq.m of which 27 thousand sq.m will be a trade gallery, 24 thousand sq.m  will be a recreation centre, bowling and a restaurants zone  with utility space. Other areas are assigned to an underground parking for 199 parking places and utility space. The project also provides reconstruction of existing parking with a superstructure of 4 floors (in addition 1001 parking places) with the arrangement of the crossovers .

According to Yuliy Borisov, the chief architect and the cofounder of UNK project, a multipurpose mall “Metropolis-2” will be raised on a place of administrative technical buildings made of prefabricated reinforced concrete of the 70s, the construction with a total area more than 40 thousand sq.m which are subject to demolition. Altitude of the new building will be brought into compliance with surrounding building and will make 28 meters.
The pedestrian rout will connect the projected MZhD transport hub with Voykovskaya metro station, crossing both turns of shopping center. In close proximity to a site of building the project of the transport terminal of situated nearby MKZhD is developed.
“The main idea is  providing the most comfortable movement of pedestrians, - Yuliy Borisov makes comments. - For Moscow this is rather revolutionary decision, however in such cities as Hong Kong or Tokyo the organization of movement of pedestrians at other level (the 2nd floor) concerning level of highways is standard practice. Now these technologies will be applied  in Russia”/

The special attention was paid to development of front decisions of “Metropolis-2”. Character of facades of object follows the developed architectural look of houses on Leningradskoye Highway: vertical rhythm of facades, corbel course, bipartite venture  of floors by means of cornices, the organization of trade space on the first floor.
It was offered by architects of UNK project to consider this building in a format of city shopping center with a big area of show-windows and visual openness to the city. “Nowadays the development and the organization of the public spaces of adjoining buildings is becoming   more and more actual, - Yuliy Borisov says. – Therefore the improvement of the adjacent territory, planting of additional bushes and trees as well as arrangement of the nearby square  are covered in the  project”.