"Low rise housing" is a unique thing - Yuliy Borisov


Low-rise buildings are constructed today and were constructed before where it is impossible to build a multi-storey building, this opinion was expressed by a co-founder and the chief architect of the Bureau of UNK project Yuliy Borisov at a press conference "Countryside essentials" on Wednesday.
He pointed out that this may have various reasons: urban planning, legal, construction conditions and objective circumstances such as the lack of communication facilities.

"If developers were able to build high-rise buildings, they would have built them. This is the paradigm which have been presided over the last five years. Of course, it would be much more profitable for any developer to build a multi-storey building because the construction costs - this is not a major expense. Land, utilities, permissive documentation, etc. constitute a huge part of costs. On the same land plot, a high-rise building gives more profit," said the expert.
And so, according to Yu.Borisov, all major developers, mainly work with high-rise housing. The expert notes that major developers who are interested in low-rise housing construction do not exist today.
"This is a unique thing, actually. There are some areas where it is necessary to put a lot of effort as to marketing, ideology, architecture, etc. in order to create a quality product. Therefore, although low-rise housing is a comfort segment, but, in fact, this product is a "boutique" some kind of thing," says Yu.Borisov.

The expert adds that the introduction of a moratorium on the construction of multi-storey housing in the Moscow region and in the New Moscow, the situation may change. The demand, which is currently concentrated in the panel construction (a low-rise building, according to the architect, competes with panel houses - IF) can move to the segment of low-rise housing.